Bulk and Metal Cartage

We offer Full package supply and delivery of bulk Shingle products and Garden products (Compost,Bark)

We also specialise in Bulk cartage of all products.
Our management team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss any issues in relation to the smooth operation and Transportation of goods. Our reputation in the industry is outstanding for customer satisfaction with the objective to satisfy our customer’s requirements. It is provided as an extra benefit with the contract. Unfortunately, many multi national companies cannot provide or guarantee such personal service.
Our main client base is in primary and agriculture industries. We are specialists at carting grain and fruits. We haul a range of seasonal commodities for primary industries and related sectors, including grain, Produce and much more..  Each industry we deal with requires a different solution and we pride ourselves on working with our customers to ensure their specific needs are met.

1445 Omahu road, Hastings
Phone: 066503920
Mobile: 0275837373